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Sprout "Sprout"

Sarah Brady & Will Brady

1. The Woodchuck Song
2. Johnny Built A House Upside-Down
3. The Teddy Bears's Picnic
4. At The Hippo Hop
5. Had A Little Rooster
6. Train And The Bell
7. Kookaburra
8. Read A Book
9. The Whale
10. School Days
11. Ala Voilette
12. Dem Bones
13. Mr. Rabbit
14. The Train Song
15. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

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Sway "Solo Guitar"-Will Brady

Will Brady-Guitar

1. Everyday
2. Falling Slowly
3. Mr. Gibson
4. La Llorona
5. Sloop John B
6. Biloxi
7. Worried Man
8. Beauty And The Beast
9. Plaid
10. The Streets of Laredo
11. Poor Wayfaring Stranger
12. Naima
13. Save The Last Dance For Me
14. Surfer Girl

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Sway "SWAY"-Sarah Brady

Sarah Brady-Vocals & Ukulele
Will Brady-Guitar, Bass, Percussion
Karen Hammack-Fender Rhodes Piano
Jim Schubert-Mandolin & Mandola
Richard Stekol-Harmony Vocals
Steve Wood-Accordian

1. Tryin' To Do The Right Thing
2. On The Fourth Of July
3. Kindness
4. Love Will Remain
5. Sway
6. I'll Show You
7. You Can Always Come To Me
8. Angel On My Shoulder
9. The Meaning Of Love
10. I Just Want To Make Lunch For You
11. It's Almost Time
12. Some Kind Of Wonderful
13. I'm On My Way To Hanalei

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12 original songs with acoustic guitar, rhythm section, trumpet and tenor saxophone.

1. Caveman Brain
2. The Real New Ground
3. Oh Well, Oh Well, Oh Well
4. Back to Broke
5. Everybody's Gonna Know Your Name
6. It's Not Gonna Be With Me
7. Unlucky In Love
8. I'm Not White
9. There's Nothin' I Can Do About It Now
10. A Blue Valentine
11. Square Peg
12. A Bigger Heart

Blue Valentine A beat blues. I tried to write some horn lines that would raise the horn player's eyebrows. I succeeded.

Switching from partner to partner is just repeating the same introductory rituals. Staying with the same partner leads to the "real new ground".

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16 solo acoustic guitar instrumentals.

1. People Get Ready
2. Buckets of Rain
3. I've Got a Secret
4. My Creole Belle
5. Sawdust Blues
6. You Better Move On
7. Buckeyed Jim
8. Blessed Be The Name
9. All I Have To Do Is Dream
10. The Seven Bridges Road
11. Thousand Steps
12. Trouble In Mind
13. My Old Pals
14. Smiley
15. Good News (Chariot's A-Comin')
16. Goodnight Irene

"People Get Ready" (Curtis Mayfield) I was thrilled when I realized I could play this soulful song.

(Mississippi John Hurt) Rootsy ragtime. I like to think M.J.H. would get a kick out of where I took this charmer.

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The Insomniac

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23 poems by legendary beatnik Bob Hare, owner of "The Insomniac" coffeehouse 1958-1963, with a wide variety of music and sound effects by Will Brady.

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Karin Benson

Karin Benson

Karin Benson is an absolutely killer singer, here with a 10-piece band, produced by Will Brady, 1981-82.

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